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If you are interestead in greenhouse construction florian offers a wide variety of options. *DO-IT-YOURSELF & SAVE! a Pre-manufactured sun room kit, or greenhouse kit includes detailed assembly instructions and a technical support number. Also available; a network of independently owned installation contractors in the continental USA and internationaly. Scroll down and read greenhouse reviews and sun room reviews from the home owners perspective. Greenhouse and plant growing is featured along with sun room construction.

Greenhouse Reviews greenhouse and plant growing greenhouse construction

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From: Sonya Hawley -Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 5:11 PM
To: john Subject: My Florian near Seattle, WA
Hi John,

It has been about 4 years to the day that you worked with me on choosing a Florian greenhouse. It took us a couple of years to finish, but we are very pleased. We ended up with an 18" sunken floor that we applied flagstone and rock walls. We are using it more for an outside room and overwintering space for my less hardy plants. It is great for the Seattle area as it gives us the ability to be closer to outside during the long rainy season. I am sending a picture that I would love to see on your website's photo gallery.  Thanks for all your help in getting me my greenhouse. We absolutely love the Florian product.


Sonya Hawley

Lake Marcel, WA

Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 7:17 PM

Subject: Geneva Greenhouse-my complements

Bess Heiberger

Here are the photos that I want to share with you. I wanted to let you know how well the Geneva greenhouse is working for me. I have low E glass and the greenhouse is 8 ft by 13ft. I live in Ohio and have used the greenhouse since 2002 with no problems with any of the automatic vent or exhaust fans. Even better is the results with my plants that I over winter. I collect tropical plants, orchids and fancy leaf begonias. Many of the tropicals continue to bloom during the winter—passion flowers, for example. My orchids are blooming better than ever. I use the greenhouse to set blossoms and then move them into the house for display. I also take cuttings of annuals such as coleus and grow them on for the next year. In March, I use the greenhouse to start cannas, dahlias, elephant ears and annual vines for planting out in May.

The staff at Florian has been great every time I contacted them. Buying a greenhouse on the internet has worked well!!

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From: "Bess Heiberger

Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 11:31 AM

Subject: Geneva Greenhouse--my complements!

The greenhouse is also used to store house plants that need some time to

recover from low light in the house. I rotate plants to the greenhouse and

move them back to the house when they are healthy and beautiful again.

Thanks again,

Bess Heiberger

Dave, I just wanted you to know while it was fresh in my mind...that I was extremely pleased with everything. The package arrived exactly when promised. The kit seemed very intimidating at first, but was actually very well engineered and went together with very little effort. My neighbor helped me install it over the weekend, and being a contractor....he was very impressed with everything as well. We spent about 15 hours assembling and installing everything and could definately shave considerable time from that if we had to do it again. We only were stumped in one area - where the main outside gable frame attached to the upper frame...we needed to notch the upper "ridge" to make the installation work. That was it. I think an advanced crew would start at one end with everything and work to the other end as it would make the rubber installation easier by not having to crawl on the unit - we were able to lay on top of the roof and do it. Also bending the bars around the main frame was easy after we figured we could start at the top and "pre-form" them to fit under the eave and gutter. I also made myself a "tool" by cutting down a small 1"x1" board, and sharpening the end. It made it easy to force in the rubber gasket by tapping it with a rubber mallet. No big deal though. Very impressive kit that I would recommend to anyone.

Thanks again,

Mark Youngquist

Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 9:40 AM


With the bright sunshine over Christmas everyone that was here said how beautiful the room is. I do want to tell you what a great job the Arcadia GlassHouse LLC installers did. Paul and his team were outstanding. The weather was a little cool those two days and they were very considerate and concerned about the room. They stayed until the new windows were in place before leaving the first day, causing them to work into the dark. They are definitely a very courteous, conscientious and professional team of installers. I would not hesitate to give them a positive recommendation. Thank you at Florian and Arcadia GlassHouse.


Well, well, well. It's been a long time. Don't mind if you use me as a reference. I produce about fifty to eighty flats of annuals each year out of my project. I love it. I found it was easier to heat it by moving the heated basement air into the greenhouse than using a heater. I do have an electric heater to augment if I need it. About the glass. I am happy that I used the triple glazed. It is so well insulated that the snow piles up on the roof with out melting even though the greenhouse is heated. If you send me an address to use I will send you a CD of photos of my project.

Glenn Peisker

We are extremely pleased with the Florian product. Even without the evap cooler on, the house is staying fairly cool. The special roof glass was well worth it, based on the temps so far!! Thanks again for all of your patience during this entire process. Without your guidance, we would not have been able to get such a great house!! We can't wait to fill it with plants. Yours truly, Renee Koschak


I saw on your web site that people had sent in pictures of their finished Florian greenhouse, so I wanted to send ours. Attached you will find a couple pics...we LOVE the greenhouse, especially living in Nebraska and during the winter being able to go out to the greenhouse and see all the green plants!


Nancy Petta

Hi Dave

We've had three significant hurricane events since I finished the shell (Ivan @ about 120 mph, Dennis @ about 100 mph, and Katrina @ perhaps 60-70 mph).  In each case I put plywood up on the south and east sides, and there was no damage.  If the temp stays above 35 degrees outside, it will maintain 50 degrees or more inside, so our heat bill is minimal.  We use a propane space heater for colder nights, until we get some natural gas-fired heaters installed as a permanent solution.

Best wishes,

Bill Drake

December 05, 2005

Good morning, Joel:

"This is it, finally I have finished my project. Right before Christmas! Enclosed please find the pictures I took recently. Isn't it beautiful? My two daughters are enjoying the room so much. You can see one of them is playing Xbox in the room. Please share with Dan, Steve and John too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, Thanks very much for all you guys' help. Without your patience (to answer my stupid questions) and help my project would not have turned out like this. Thanks again,

Best regards,
Chi Chi

Dear Brett

Thank you for providing such a beautiful Sunroom. Your crew was extremely clean and the attention to detail shows, We are so happy with the everything. I have dreamed of this room ever sence we built the house and could not be happier with our new solarium we spend all our time together in our new sun room. please feel free to call or stop by and we will recommend you to all. Thanks again. Debbie

Florian Greenhouses

Wapakoneta, Ohio

Dear Joel

In 2002 we lost our home to a major flood. Because of the high probability of future flooding we have not moved back into the home. We are in the process of salvaging what we can from the lower level and using the materials to add on to our cabin at the lake...which is now our retirement home. We had put in our Florian Sierra sun room about ten to fifteen years ago and enjoyed it so much, especially during the cold winter months up here in Northwestern Ontario. It was a great place to sit and unwind midst all my plants when I got home from work. We wish to dismantle it and incorporate it into our addition at the lake where it would be great off our dining room, overlooking the lake. As I explained to Joel, we can't remember all the steps we did to put it up originally and the installation manual was lost in the flood. I thank you at Florian for being so helpful in getting us the information we need to be able to enjoy our sun room again.

Heather Schmutzer

Greenhouse Reviews greenhouse and plant growing greenhouse construction
Greenhouse Reviews greenhouse and plant growing construction greenhouse


I was quite pleased with the way my free-standing greenhouse went up. the combination of a good erection manual and Florian providing a contact with an experienced and helpful representative made the job pretty simple. Thanks.

Bill Halbritter

Hi There -

Just thought I'd send you the latest picture of our new greenhouse.

Just in time for the cold part of the year!

Ken Jamison

Hi Joel,

We are very pleased with the greenhouse and the orchids are doing beautifully. The low-e glass has been great but we have made a few modifications on our own to suit our plants. The Phalenopsis family does best in lower light, so from April to September we have placed an old bed sheet on top of horizontally suspended window screens over their bench. This prevents direct sunlight from hitting them but keeps the light levels in the 1,500 - 2,500 fc range which they seem to love. The attached pic was of that bench this spring. Nuff said? That bench is against the wall of the house so for the rest of the year, the angle of the sun keeps it off those plants.

The other bench and some wire walls I have built that sit on it contain the Cattleyas, Oncidiums, Dendrobiums, etc. that like higher light. I had a strip of 40% shade cloth made to fit directly over that bench at ceiling level, so in the summer time it protects the plants from too much direct sun during the hottest part of the summer. During the winter months, the angle of the sun comes under the edge of the shade cloth and hits the whole bench and the plants love it. We hang the plants that want the highest light from the parallel bars I had you install and everything is working wonderfully for us. We are very pleased.

We're really pleased with the response of our orchids. It has far exceeded our best hopes. Ralph & Sandy Billeter

Greenhouse Reviews greenhouse and plant growing greenhouse construction

“I had absolutely no problems with Florian. In the process of building it I decided to raise it up on a pony wall. This involved adding more frame work to the door so it would be at ground level. They sent the materials next day Express at no charge for material or shipping. But I know of at least 2 very good experiences with Florian. And the person that put mine together for me has been working for them many years and has had no complaints. My greenhouse is very well constructed and my experience with Florian was very rewarding. Florian has built greenhouse all over the world and has been in business over 50 years.” - Web Chat

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