Design your Florian Sunroom to be a Passive Solar Collector Sun room & Solarium sun room kits sunroom

Design Your New Sunroom to be a

Passive Solar Collector and reduce your heating fuel costs!

Scroll down and read about the advantages.

Here's a short education on how it works:

A southern facing position of your sunroom is preferred, however, east or west facing will be able to take advantage of the sun rising/setting

During the Fall/Winter/Spring seasons, the sun stays low in the sky allowing free heat into the vertical walls of your solar collector sunroom. The "Heat Repellent" series roof glazing traps the solar heat in the upper area of the room.

A thru-the-wall fan placed high in the sunroom is added to the room design, along with a thermostat and seasonal shutoff switch

The thermostat will automatically cycle the fan on when the sunroom temperature reaches about 75 degrees, delivering free heat to your home

A separate sunroom zone heat source may also be installed with a lower temperature setting so you may also enjoy your sunroom addition on those cold winter nights

Why a Florian?

Designed into every Sierra is the highest degree of thermal integrity possible. Which translates into an incredible energy efficiency up to 200% better then other sunroom type rooms.

Here's why. Most manufacturers start with a reasonably well-insulated design, then put their units together with metal screws or bolts! Each one of these hundreds of fasteners conducts heat and cold right through the so called thermally broken frame, and hapless homeowners lose money trying to stay comfortable. Moreover, if just a few of the screws or bolts are tightened too much or too little, stresses are created in the frame & glazing which can result in drafts or worse.

Sierra's exclusive nylon clip assembly system is proven thermally broken. The clips enable Sierra to go together faster, more easily, and with even pressure between frame, gasket & glass. The thermal break is preserved, and your heating bills will reflect it.

  • Heavy gauge ridged framed extruded tubular aluminum
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Heavy-duty E.P.D.M 5-fin gasketing around each pane of glass
  • Bronze or White Polycron Frame Finish
  • Curved or Straight-eave design
  • Over 300 standard models
  • Only SAFETY glass is used

Also available:

  • Sun-Clean Self cleaning glass by PPG
  • High-Performance Glazing for maximum comfort & efficiency
  • Custom color frame finishes
  • Product Description
  • • Super quiet operation.
  • • Energy Star qualified.
  • • Easy installation.
  • • Contemporary grille design.
  • • Totally enclosed condenser motor for long life-rated for continuous run.
  • • Rust proof paint treatment on galvanized housing.
  • • Built-in damper to prevent back draft.
  • • UL listed for tub/shower enclosure when used with a GFCI branch circuit wire.
  • • Thermal fuse protection.
  • • Meets Washington State Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code.
  • • Hood with back draft damper included.